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We recently received an email asking us some great questions and our response should all the things you may be wondering. If not, please feel free to send me an email to brian@foodplicity.net

Thank you for your great questions, I hope the following will help you understand more of what we do here at Foodplicity.

You are exactly who we had in mind when we created Foodplicity!  Packing up and taking an 11 hour trip is exhausting enough and we want to help you get your vacation started the moment you arrive.  I’m sure you’ll be ready for a cold beer or glass of wine as soon as you walk through the door!  We offer so much more than just groceries.  Our starter packages have all you need for the first 24-48 hours for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not only is shopping for the groceries a pain, but so is preparing meals after a long trip.

When it comes to individual grocery items, we offer beer, wine,  fresh cooked and sliced deli meats, hormone and antibiotic free chicken, steak, pork, condiments, sodas, bottled water, produce, etc and would be happy to get any “must have” items for you that we don’t normally carry.

Some of the benefits of going with our Ready to Cook, Themed and Heat and Eat meals instead of just ordering groceries are-

  1. Save money by eliminating waste.  No need to spend on items you may only use once like spices. Each meal is vacuum sealed the day before delivery and already includes all ingredients.  We portion things out to not only provide ample meals, but also to reduce waste because you most likely aren’t driving back 11 hours with all your leftovers.  We do have some great restaurants in the area for you to enjoy, but it can be expensive to take a group out to dinner and you’ll get more quality time at home with your family than you would in a noisy restaurant.
  2. Save time.  All of our meals come with all the prep work done.  There is no measuring, chopping, slicing, dicing and clean up work in preparing them like there is with all the other meal services that deliver.  Since all the prep is done, you can prepare a meal for a large group in usually 20-30 minutes. That means more time on the beach or by the pool and isn’t that the whole reason you are coming here? No spending time driving to and waiting for a table.
  3. Quality.  You’ll know exactly what is going into meals and can be assured they are the freshest and highest quality ingredients around.  We use only wild caught sustainable seafood, hormone and antibiotic free meats, hand picked produce and do our best to provide only locally sourced food.  Our vacuum sealed bags are BPA-free and FDA approved that not only keep the product fresh until you are ready to use them, but in most cases you can cook the food while it is in the bag and eliminate clean up.